Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I overwrite what other people wrote or delete text boxes created by other people?

Only in projects that the project administrator defined as "collaborative." But you can copy any map to which you have access. The copied map will be created in your private folder. By copying a map, you gain ownership over all its components. To give credit to the original authors of the map you copied, each statement has a button "PA" which stands for "previous author." If you move your mouse over PA, the user name of the previous author will become visible. When you publish a copied map, everyone can access the original map by clicking on button "History" on the blue panel.

How can I change the name of an argument map?

You can only change the name if you are the owner of the map. (But you can copy any map to become the owner.) Open the map and change its name by clicking on its name in the blue panel. When you are done, you need to hit "enter" and save the change. Note: There is currently a problem because this field gets updated every 10 seconds. If you are not fast enough, the system switches back to the old name. It is easier to copy the complete new name from your clipboard into this field than to write into the field.

How can I delete an argument map?

Click on the tab "My maps" and select the map you want delete. Then click "delete" at the end of the list.

How can I delete a text box?

Click on the white triangle at the bottom of the text box and select "delete." You can only delete your own text boxes and only those that are at the end of a chain: If something is justified by an argument or criticized by an objection, you cannot delete it. If a project is defined as "collaborative," you can delete text boxes of other project members.

How can I export an argument map as an image file?

The easiest way is to produce a screenshot and open it with a graphic or photo-editing program. If you need a larger map as an image file or an image with higher resolution, export the map first as pdf file (see below, next question; make sure that you get a pdf with a scalable vector graph; to check, zoom into the pdf and see whether the quality remains constant). In Adobe Professional, you can then "export" the map from the pdf or "save as" image file. If you need a scalable vector graph image, "export" or "save as" via "more options" and select “encapsulated postscript” format (.eps). 

How can I export an argument map as a PDF file?

Open the map, click on "Print," and select a pdf-converter (in some systems you need to install one first). From PDFs you can print large maps as posters. You can save maps only as PDFs on your computer. (Note: If you use the Chrome browser on a PC, the PDF will not be exported as a scalable vector graph, meaning that the picture gets blurred if you zoom in. On a Mac and with other PC browsers it works.)

How can I move a map to another place?

See under "How can I publish an argument map in AGORA-net so that others can see it?"

How can I publish an argument map in AGORA-net so that others can see it?

If you are on the map you want to publish or move to another place, click on "Publish." If you are anywhere else, click on the tab "My maps" and then the blue button on the right of the map that you want to publish. Click through the categories to determine the best location for your map. Do the same if you want to move a map back into your private folder.

Problems with the software

AGORA stops working:

Reload the application in your browser and sign in again.

Nothing happens after I click on the "Add" button on a map, or when the "therefore"-line leads to the left instead to the right:

Please click on "Reload" or on "Save and home" and open the same map again. Sometimes the newly created argument is not visible on the screen but underneath. Simply scroll down.

Nothing happens after clicking "add an objection":

Grab any box nearby and move it slightly. Most of the time this helps. If not, reload the map, and the objection box should be on your screen. If it still does not work, reload the application in your browser and sign in again. 

The small clock doesn't stop running?

Reload the application in your browser and sign in again. This is a problem that is caused by some error in the transfer of data between your computer and the AGORA server.

What can I do when text boxes overlap?

Grab the double-cross in the left corner of text boxes or the line above the "therefore" to move things around. AGORA places boxes only correctly when you work continuously from top down or from left to right. If you add something later, the existing text boxes need to be moved manually.

Where is my argument?

You can always find all your argument maps under the tab "My maps." If you click the button on the right of the map name, you can change the location of your map. Every argument that you create will first be posted in your private folder. There it is only accessible for you.

Further questions?

Please let us know if you have further questions that should be listed here!