Collaboration and Projects

To collaborate on an argument map, the map must either be published under one of the categories in the World of Arguments or it must be in a project.

  • Everyone can create projects. Select a location in one of the categories and click "Create a project here." The creator of the project needs to add all the project members with their AGORA user names. If user names are collected in a Microsoft Excel 97 – 2003 Worksheet, the project administrator (creator) can upload the entire list in one go. Only members have access to the project.

  • Argument maps can either be created directly within the project or they can be moved by their owner into the project.

  • To move one of your own maps, open it and determine a new location by clicking on "Publish/Move" on top of the map. Click through the hiearchy of categories (see picture below) and then "submit" it into the project.

  • It is also possible to create sub-projects within projects. Again, the project creator needs to add all members.

  • The creator of a project can move the project to another location by clicking on the "My Projects" tab. Then click on the blue button on the right side of the project name (on the right of "is in") and determine a new location. You will see the screen depicted below.

  • Projects cannot be published, only the maps within a project.

This is the screen you see when you move a map or projects:

Screen shot of the categories that show up when moving a map or a project.